The Fluidity of Thought

As I have investigated the geography of life, there is a force I have come upon that seems to be at the root of everything we are.  It is a force which is hard to quantify, hard to predict, and hard to contain in a single definition.  But this force seems to drive almost everything we do as humans.  What is this force?  It is called thought.

If there is magic in the world it is held within thought.  A thought can do almost anything.  It can be quick or slow.  It can be powerful or weak.  It can be creative or destructive.  It can make us move or paralyze us.  Thought is so powerful and so pervasive a force throughout the human experience that it isn’t an exaggeration nor is it disrespect to say that God is a thought.  From God springs everything.  From thought springs everything.

Thought holds a very special place in the mind-body-spirit trinity of power that makes up human beings.  Thought is the way each of those components communicates with each other.  Thought is the conduit that connects us to everything.  Thought is the spark that ignites it all.

Thoughts are the way we communicate with ourselves and with the larger metaphysical world.  They are not just a way for us to talk to ourselves and the world, they are also a way for the world to talk to us.

Do you believe that all thoughts are created by the mind?  I don’t.  Some of them are created by our minds, but not all of them.  Thoughts occur in the mind, but they are not the mind.  The mind is made up of many things such as the ego, the intellect, the logic, the emotions and the force of thought makes those things happen, but it is not those things.  Thought is a force, a potential, and a packet of energy waiting to be converted into action.

I think sometimes our thoughts come from the part of us we call spirit.  It is our spirit voice that encourages us to “do the right thing.”   Whether that voice belongs to God or to your personal soul is open for debate, but the spirit voice definitely has a different agenda than the ego.

Sometimes thoughts come from our body.  Your toe can send a signal to the brain that causes you to think, “My toe hurts.  I need to wear more comfortable shoes.”  Your mind coordinated your thought, but your body sent the original message.

Sometimes thoughts seem to come from outside of us.  Good ideas, music, art, dance and all kinds of inspired thought are often described as a force flowing into us as ideas take shape in our thoughts.  When I was laying in my bed at 4:38 in the morning having a spiritual experience, the golden light that flooded out of me and said, “Forgive.  Be happy,” was pure, concentrated thought.   It was powerful and glorious, and that is why I say God is a thought.

Thoughts are about the most powerful thing in this universe.

Thoughts are a force, even though they aren’t measurable by the scientific method.  They are a metaphysical force.  Like all forces described in science, I would expect the metaphysical force of thoughts to operate with a pattern that is similar to something we already understand in the physical world.  As a geographer of life, I went looking for the physical counterpart for thought and I didn’t have to go far to find it.

Thought behaves just like water.

Thoughts flow and stream and flood into us.  Thoughts swirl and churn and cascade.  These fluid words are perfect metaphors for a good reason.  Thoughts behave just like water, and the deeper I look at the comparisons the more convinced I become that thought and water are equivalents that exist on two different planes.

Everything that you know about water can be applied to the patterns of the force of thought.

Each thought we have, even the little inconsequential ones, are like drops of water that have the power to join together to form larger a larger stream of thought.  This is, I believe, how the power of prayer works.  Thoughts join together to form little rivers of energy that can move the force from one place to another.  The force of thought can be accumulated and channeled and directed just like the branching tributaries of a river.

Our thoughts create tributaries that pass through other people’s tributaries and eventually merge into huge rivers of thought that are all flowing towards an ocean of thought that represents the accumulated thoughts of everyone.  The ocean of thought is what we call God, and anyone who has contemplated the awesome power of the ocean will understand what God is.  God is an ocean, and we are but a drop of water.  We are small but we are not inconsequential, because we realize that an ocean is only the sum of all the individual drops of water that make up its mass.  Every single little drop participates in the cycle that feeds and distributes the ocean of thought we call God.  Energy flows into the ocean and energy flows out of it, and it all depends on each and every individual drop of water.

At every moment of every day there are an infinite number of thoughts being held by the sentient beings on this planet.  Each thought creates a force, and each force joins the mass created by everyone else, and this is what feeds the stream of consciousness and the power of God.  The massive amount of force that this many thoughts creates is body of energy that I believe follows patterns just like water.

If God is the force of thought, and the force of thought behaves like water, then this logic would suggest that God can be found in water.   I looked at the Geography of life to see if this logic was proven by actual experience, and I think it is.

Imagine the following scenarios and what kinds of thoughts would be associated with them:

  • Sitting next to a flowing stream, or (even better) sitting on a rock with the stream flowing around you
  • Sitting on the shore of a beach and watching the waves lap in
  • Paddling a canoe or kayak in a lake, river or ocean
  • Listening to the rain fall
  • Listening to a water fountain
  • Swimming in the warm ocean waters

It all sounds good, doesn’t it?  We have lots of evidence that water is a calming but powerful force in our lives, just like God.

And just like God, water can sometimes be destructive.  Floods wipe out the landscape in a matter of minutes.  People drown if they become immersed.  The same force that calms us can also easily kill us.  Kind of sounds like God to me.

It’s an interesting line of philosophical thought, isn’t it?  The patterns certainly fit.  Thought becomes water and water becomes God.

The timing of this thought is quite fortunate for me, since I am getting ready to go sit on the beaches of Hawaii for 10 days.  I will gaze at the powerful ocean and swim in its waters.  I will run for cover when a downpour passes through.  I will see how my thoughts and your thoughts and everyone’s thoughts are all connected to a stream of consciousness that leads to the ocean of God just like the drops of rain from the sky are connected to the rivers and oceans.

I should be able to find God in the massive force of the ocean, and I should be able to find God in the tiny drop of thought that is me.  I am God, because God is in me and I am in God.

I suppose some would think that statement is preposterously self-important, but I don’t mean it to be.  I see it as an acknowledgement that God is a word we use to describe a very real metaphysical force, and that I am a part of that force.  God is not separate from me.  God is me and my thoughts.


About Geography of Life

I look at the world with the eyes of a geographer. I look for patterns and forces to explain the world around me, and share my observations with you. I explore a wide variety of subjects but always have a scientific slant to my thought. I am not politically correct. I say whatever I feel. I explore my ideas, my emotions, and my choices. In the process, some interesting things happen. I am painfully honest about what I am thinking. I divulge my deepest thoughts and fears with you. Sometimes it is like watching a train wreck, other times like taking a nice walk.
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2 Responses to The Fluidity of Thought

  1. Marianne says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am nearly speechless as I think about the connections you have made here! Though you have at times described herself as an atheist, I say that you have found a connection with Spirit, unsoiled by religion and dogma. Not to spoil it with Dogma, but in the Catholic Church this would be called Baptism of Desire. I see the problem with churches and religions as first some people have a spiritual experience, then others try to set that experience up in a power play and bureaucracy.They try to ‘Can’ it, but trying to can the spiritual connection is like trying to can the water in the rivers. You can only can a part of it, and in doing so they lose the flow, which is a big part of it’s nature.
    Another attribute of water: like thought, it can vaporize, become steam. It can be all around us as a mist in the early morning sun. Sounds like thought. Sounds like God.

  2. suzanne quitmeier says:

    thank you. that is a great way to visualize it, i think you are right.

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