Reincarnation and Worm Holes

This is reprinted from an earlier essay I wrote, but I think it fits into this blog very well so I am posting it again.

I was watching a show about a boy who was born with memories of another life.  When his mother asked him how he got here, he said a hole opened up and he fell through it into this life.

As luck would have it, the same night I also watched a show about black holes and the subject of worm holes came up.  I suddenly thought, “What if reincarnation is basically falling through a worm hole?”

If we believe that the design of the universe is basically repeated over and over in everything within it, using worm holes to describe reincarnation isn’t a stretch of the imagination at all.  In fact, it makes sense.  Dying is like entering a black hole.  Being born is like being ejected from the white hole.  And being reincarnated is like falling through a worm hole.

Let’s review a few facts about cosmic holes.  As you read this, think about what you have also learned about birth and death of humans and notice the similarities.

There are three basic types of cosmic holes:  black holes, white holes, and worm holes.

Black holes begin as really huge stars that collapse upon themselves.  They are areas where the gravity is so dense that it creates a huge sucking vacuum.  At the center of a black hole is a particle with extreme density and this particle is called a singularity.  The force of gravity of this singularity is so strong that everything that comes near it is drawn towards it, even light rays.

If you were somehow to be inside a black hole looking out, the opening would look like a brilliant glow as the light rays were being swept in.

The intense gravity of a black hole causes time to warp.  The rule is that the more gravity there is, the slower time moves.  This has been proven by monitoring two clocks, one on the earth and the other in a rocket going up into space.  As the rocket leaves the gravitational field of the earth, it actually appears to be moving faster than the clock back here on Earth.  .

In the center of a black hole time would move extremely slow and eternity would take on a whole new meaning.  If you were inside a black hole for 5 minutes, you might return to find that 500 years had passed here on earth.  Black holes slow down time so much that if I were to watch you getting sucked into a black hole it would look to me as if you had come to a complete stop.

One other aspect of black holes that is interesting is that they produce quasars, which are the brightest pulses of light known in the universe.  The theory is that the light burst doesn’t come from the black hole itself (nothing escapes a black hole by definition) but from the swirling gases that surround it’s opening (also called the “event horizon.”)  Keep this in mind that even a black hole emits energy in a roundabout way.

White holes are the opposite of black holes.  Instead of being a dark spot that sucks everything in, a white hole is a brilliant spewing of things outward.  In fact, some theorize that it was a white hole that started the entire universe in the big bang theory.  White holes are purely theoretical, but the mathematics supports their existence.  (For you mathematical types, the equation for a white hole allows for the square root of a negative number which is normally a mathematical impossibility.)

Because they only emit particles and gases, nothing can enter a white hole.  This is just the opposite of a black hole which assumes nothing can exit from it.  Some theorists say that a white hole would quickly run out of material and turn into a black hole, so the subject of whether they could actually exist still quite open to debate.  The reason why anyone even considers it is because they can be proven mathematically with some bending of the normal rules.

White holes and black holes essentially represent two different universes.  What if white holes are the backsides of black holes in a parallel universe?  Matter goes in through the black hole and comes out through the white hole on the other side.  The only way of entering a white hole would be through a black hole.  (Which is kind of like saying the only way you can be reborn is to die.)

Time is very different in a white hole.  It would be opposite of a black hole, and therefore time would move backwards instead of forwards.  Therefore, scientists say that a black hole represents a future event and a white hole represents a past event.

The theoretical bridge between these two alternate universes is called a worm hole.  Worm holes provide a shortcut through space and time and are formed like a tube or umbilical cord between two spacetimes.

We don’t have physical evidence for worm holes, but they can be proven mathematically.  A worm hole would theoretically link a black hole to a white hole, and they could exist in other situations as well.

The trouble with worm holes is that they are inherently unstable.  Einstein said that nothing would be able to pass through a worm hole because they pinch off too fast.  In order to make a worm hole stable, it needs something called “exotic matter.”

Exotic matter is also hypothetical and used in particle physics.  It is any material that violates one of the basic rules of physics, such as having a negative mass or being repelled by gravity instead of attracted.  The mathematics of such a particle are totally supported, but they predict a behavior of the exotic matter so bizarre that it violates our understanding of the universe.  Either our math is wrong or our understanding of the universe is wrong.

So let’s put this all into the perspective of being reincarnated.  It first starts with an assumption that some part of our awareness is retained after death.  If it weren’t there would be nothing to reincarnate.

The next assumption is that we use these theoretical descriptions of cosmic holes and alternate universes as analogies to God and the metaphysical.  You will find that there are many similarities and the assumption isn’t hard to reach.

We start our journey by being born and it is like a quasar shot from a white hole.  We are made up of particles emitted from the white hole, some new and some recycled.  We arrive and live our time here on earth.  Then it is time to die.

Dying is like crossing the event horizon of a black hole.  You can hover near death and sometimes escape death, but once you cross the event horizon there is no return from the black hole of death.  To the observer it will look like you have stopped.  Gravity will compress you and slow time down.  It will seem as if time has ceased to exist, just like we always suspect will happen with death.  It would seem as if an eternity were spent in the black hole, and the closer you were to the center the more dramatic the effect would be.

At the core of the black hole is a single particle called a singularity.  Maybe God is a singularity?  Is that why God is eternal?  Maybe time has slowed down so much that it doesn’t even appear to move any more.

Some people report seeing a bright light during a near death experience.  At first glance this seems inconsistent with my theory that death is entering a black hole.  But two explanations can be offered.  The first explanation is that if you were inside a black hole looking behind you, you would see a mass of light entering through the hole.  Seeing the white light may be the person looking back on what they are leaving.

The other explanation is that we can sometimes see the brilliance of the white hole at the other end even as we are entering the darkness of the black hole.  Keep in mind that not everyone reports this bright white light.  Some people see nothing during their near death experience.  However, those who do report a bright light obviously are not making it up.  They are seeing something that needs to be explained.

On the other side of the black hole is the white hole, which is essentially rebirth.  Under normal processes it kind of like a giant intestine where food goes into the hungry mouth and comes out the other end as something completely different.  By the time matter goes through the black hole and out the other side to the white hole, it would have lost most of its initial integrity.  We would be nothing but individual particles of energy that are recycled in random bits to form new life.

But the presence of a worm hole would change that.  If a worm hole opened it might allow particles that were not yet fully disintegrated to take a short cut to the white hole.  Bits and pieces of us that are still integrated would be available for rebirth in the white hole.

This is consistent with the theory of reincarnation because the memories that a living person feels are never the totality of the dead person.  It is just bits a pieces of that person which are reincarnated.

Most of us are not born with reincarnated chunks.  Most of us have bits of particles that come from many different sources.  They help give us natural talents and handicaps, but we have no conscious memory of where they came from.  Our particles were thoroughly recycled by the black hole/white hole digestion experience.

When that rare case of reincarnation does occur, and evidence suggests that it does happen, there has to be a method for those undigested particles to skip out of the black hole and into the white hole.  A worm hole would be the logical route

Understanding my own life and death as the same process that happens with the life and death of matter in the universe makes a lot of sense to me.


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I look at the world with the eyes of a geographer. I look for patterns and forces to explain the world around me, and share my observations with you. I explore a wide variety of subjects but always have a scientific slant to my thought. I am not politically correct. I say whatever I feel. I explore my ideas, my emotions, and my choices. In the process, some interesting things happen. I am painfully honest about what I am thinking. I divulge my deepest thoughts and fears with you. Sometimes it is like watching a train wreck, other times like taking a nice walk.
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1 Response to Reincarnation and Worm Holes

  1. Monique says:

    Fantastic! Summarised my thoughts exactly. An explanation of death I would rather entertain than anything religion offers.

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