I can’t say “heart” when I mean “love”

Sometimes you have to take a stand for what you think is right and wrong.  That’s why I am taking a stand against the symbol ♥ in the written language.

Why is the slogan “I ♥ New York” is pronounced “I HEART New York” instead of “I love New York?”  Why is the movie “I ♥ the Huckabees” pronounced the same way?  Why are we saying HEART when we mean LOVE?

I’m quite sure that the first time the heart symbol ♥ was inserted into a slogan it was as a clever substitute for the word “love.”  The graphic designer who did that never expected us to say HEART.  They expected us to make the connection in our minds and say LOVE when we see the heart.

But everyone says HEART now when they see the symbol.  Did someone train us to say that, or did we all come up with it on our own?

I just can’t do it.  I find it very contrived and almost stupid to say “heart” when it means “love” and sounds so much worse to my ear.  “I heart New York?”  I don’t think so.  Since I can’t do it, I have to make sure that I never utter a sentence or title that has the heart symbol ♥ in it.  I will refer to it in some other way rather than say “heart.”

Every time I see the ♥ I am going to say “love” instead of “heart”.  The only time I am going to say “heart” is when I’m talking about it here.  It’s a symbol, for crying out loud!  It stands for LOVE, not heart.  The fact that we feel love in our heart isn’t good enough reason to say “heart” instead of “love.”

Here is a pattern in the geography of life that I am not content to simply observe.  This one, I want to change!  I want to hear LOVE instead of heart. I refuse to perpetuate this stupid idiom.

Oh, what a rebel I am (haha) to take such a firm stand against the improper use of ♥ in writing.


About Geography of Life

I look at the world with the eyes of a geographer. I look for patterns and forces to explain the world around me, and share my observations with you. I explore a wide variety of subjects but always have a scientific slant to my thought. I am not politically correct. I say whatever I feel. I explore my ideas, my emotions, and my choices. In the process, some interesting things happen. I am painfully honest about what I am thinking. I divulge my deepest thoughts and fears with you. Sometimes it is like watching a train wreck, other times like taking a nice walk.
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One Response to I can’t say “heart” when I mean “love”

  1. As long as I am venting, I just want to add that there are two more words that I think deserve very little space in our language. They are “should” and “all”.

    As in “You should . . . ” or “I should . . . “. Should is a word that has judgment written all over it. My friends taught me the phrase, “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself.”

    As in “All of us want . . . ” or “All children deserve . . .” or “You do that all the time.” There is no such thing as “all” in most situations. It is an exaggeration. Anything that happens ALL the time is important, indeed, but it rarely happens in reality.

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