Charity Begins at Home — Time to Reduce Foreign Spending

All this bickering in Congress is fueled by the Democrats desire to extend Unemployment Insurance benefits.  The price tag for that extension is estimated at $7.5 billion.  At the same time, the Republicans argue that we also need to extend tax benefits for the wealthiest.  Everybody wants their benefits extended, don’t they?

Without a new source of revenue (which ending the tax breaks would have resulted in) we are told that there is no choice but to borrow the money, further deepening our deficit.   You know who we are borrowing from, don’t you?  China, of course.

But here’s the sticker, folks.  At the same time that we are borrowing $7.5 Billion from China we are giving away $50 Billion to other countries.  Yes, our annual Foreign Aid budget is about $50 BILLION. * And that’s just what the government is willing to admit to.  How many slush funds do you think are out there that allow our government to funnel foreign aid without identifying it in their annual reports?  If we admit to $50 billion then you can bet the actual amount is probably more like $100 billion.

(* If you want the source for this figure, it represents the combined economic and military aid we gave to all countries in 2008 according to the Greenbook at  The actual amount was $40.82 billion, but I rounded it and adjusted for inflation to get $50 billion. )

Congressmen, are you telling me that out of $50 billion which we give away to other countries we can’t reduce it by $7.5 billion because our own people need it?

Are you telling me that everyone else in this world is more deserving of my money than I am?  Because that’s where foreign aid money comes from, you know.  It comes from the people.  It started in my paycheck and continued through the entire line of commerce, pausing for a while in the pockets of the richest men, but eventually making its way to the government in the form of taxes paid by one of us or another. So, Congressman please remember, we all had to work for that money you are giving away.

Did you know that the two countries that get the most foreign aid from us are Israel and Egypt?  Really?  Congressman, are you telling me that the people of Israel and Egypt (who get about 1/3 of our total foreign aid at a rate of about $625 per person per year) deserve my money more than I do?  Do you really think that we should go broke trying to help other people?

Are you telling me that all this charity is so important that we should borrow money from China to do it?

Are you telling me that we can’t afford to keep our schools open, and we can’t afford to take care of the elderly and disabled in our society, but we can afford to give $50 billion dollars a year to other countries?

Are you fucking crazy?

Do NOT borrow any more money from China, take $7.5 billion out of foreign aid and let them suffer the consequences, just like we have had to do.  The free lunch is over folks!  These are my hard-earned dollars they are giving away while me and my children and their children suffer the consequences.

There may have been a time when we could afford to share our wealth with the rest of the world, but that isn’t now.  If we don’t turn off the faucet of dollars that we give away, we are going to be bankrupt and totally in debt to China.

Is that what you want, Congressmen?  Do we want to continue these excesses until we are so far in debt to China that they own us?  You argue about the security risk that our funding of Israel and Egypt represents.  What about the economic security of this country?  Isn’t borrowing money from China while we give it away to Israel and Egypt putting our country’s economic security at risk?  If we aren’t careful, China will not have to land a single piece of equipment on our soil to conquer us.  They will simply own us.  It won’t be a military conquest but the result will be the same.  We will no longer be free.

Shit, we’re barely free as it is.  There are so many taxes and regulations governing us that it feels like a noose sometimes.  It’s time to stand up, people.  If we need money to run the government, foreign aid is going to have to get slashed.  Too bad.  It’s got to happen or we’re going to all be in the same miserable shape.  And the only one who seems capable of saving us is China.  God have mercy on us all if that happens.


About Geography of Life

I look at the world with the eyes of a geographer. I look for patterns and forces to explain the world around me, and share my observations with you. I explore a wide variety of subjects but always have a scientific slant to my thought. I am not politically correct. I say whatever I feel. I explore my ideas, my emotions, and my choices. In the process, some interesting things happen. I am painfully honest about what I am thinking. I divulge my deepest thoughts and fears with you. Sometimes it is like watching a train wreck, other times like taking a nice walk.
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